Fall in Love This Christmas

Fun uptempo Christmas song with female vocal and retro vibe.

I Can’t Wait for Christmas

Fun retro Christmas song reminiscent of Martha and the Vandellas “Heat Wave”.

Santa You’re the Man

Fun video about Santa taking off some time to have some fun!

Caged Bird

This video is dedicated to the movement started by the George Floyd murder and the immortal words of Maya Angelou

Lucky Stars

Lucky Stars is a “New Standard” in the tradition of the Great American Songbook and classic love songs of the 30s and 40s. Paired with pictures of some of the great Hollywood screen lovers of all time, it is a TCM lover’s dream!

Staying Home Alone This Christmas

Because of You

A Tribute to Whitney Houston

200 Miles

Country Rock

A New Day in LA

My video love letter to Los Angeles, “New Day In LA” that I filmed, edited and created with the Hotel/EDM song “New Day”

Lucky Me

Happy Light Pop/Reggae love song

I Always Fall in Love

Another new standard with Old Hollywood nostalgia

The Love That Can Never Be

Pop version

The Love That Can Never Be

Americana version

I Can’t Let Go

Old School R&B love song tribute to Olivia and Fritz of “Scandal”

Todo Lo Que Quiero Eres Tu

Ballad with gorgeous Classical guitar and compelling Spanish vocals

Sacrifice for Hollywood

Me Too Song whose lyrics were inspired but the words Harvey Weinstein said to his victims

Let Him Go

Big Rock Ballad reminiscent of Eric Clapton and Janis Joplin

California Gold

Big sweeping Western Instrumental

Get In Touch

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