So many blessings for progress this year!  My biggest thrill was writing “For Your Love” for “Frankenstein Legacy” and doing  the vocal in one take!  Add in the magic of Fernando Arroyo’s violin playing with David Vasquez’s gorgeous track and they totally loved it!  This is a time period piece that will be out 2024 in the UK and the US.

I also scored placements in  3 Mar Vista Films that will have 5-6 of my songs in them, a bunch of independent films, and some other custom songs that were not Holiday related like “Sweet On You” written for the movie “Sweet Summer Love.”

Also thrilled that Freda Payne is going to record “Lucky Stars!”

I had a wonderful trip in September to Italy with my sister that was fabulous!

All in all, I feel like so many things are coming my way and that all the hard work is paying off.