December 15, 2022

So grateful to report that I managed 25 placements this year and have some amazing irons in the fire for 2023!

Being able to take charge of my music on the business side has been the best thing I ever did and Michele Vice-Maslin’s class saved my life. I was ready to quit. But now I see so many possibilities and the fact that I can be in control of it all has been life changing.

So rewarding to see the songs against picture and have the filmmakers be so happy and excited about the results. Lots of rejections or non responses, but when it hits it’s Kismet and you forget all about the rest!

My two mantras that I now live by are: “Only the “yeses” count. And….”It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

We are definitely in this for the long haul and watch me roll in 2023!!