Well, it’s been a long time since I wrote and for that all I can say is I’ve been working my ass off!! But the results are really satisfying and I have so much to be grateful for.

In 2021 I was thrilled to have my song “Fall In Love This Christmas” open two movies, one on Lifetime and one on UPTV. Thanks to director, Jake Helgren that was #1 for “Welcome To The Christmas Family Reunion” on Lifetime and then the composer, Mikel Shane Prather, came through for me in a big way for the second one, “A Furry Little Christmas.”

I started off making my calls in October of 2020 with just a few Christmas songs and now, thanks to the amazing David Vasquez and Moonlight Studios, I have 15 Holiday songs and more on the way.

I also did some custom songs, one for the end credits for “Key To Love” and an ad song for “The Galactic Cap.”

Currently, I’m working on a really big deal placing some composers and I will announce that when it’s solidified

As of today, I have placed fifteen songs that will be airing this year. Thirteen are mine and two were outside writers. Seeing the progress is truly exciting!

I have a lot of great irons in the fire and just signed a contract with M&M Film Production Company in the UK with 4 songs in “Christmas At The Holly Day Inn” and another Christmas movie in the offing plus I read the script for their period piece romance that I’m doing a song for and the script is amazing!  So there are a lot of great things on the horizon.

So glad I took Michele Vice Maslin’s class during Covid.  Best thing I ever did.  And the really bizarre thing is that if Covid had not happened, I would not have taken the class and I was in such a dark place I was ready to give up.  So as horrible as it has been these last few years, it’s made me take control of my life and my musical journey and I feel like the best is yet to come!