I think we’re all glad to see 2021 in the rear view mirror, but I have to say it was an important one for learning and several important milestones were achieved for Shakeh Songs!

Multiple placements in Holiday movies for 2021 and 2022 were achieved. The NCIS Hawaii placement was my biggest check even if it wasn’t my song . . . I’ll take it! I made a ton of contacts in all aspects of the business and have added more wonderful composers to my roster. I also ended the year creating a song for an independent short that I was very impressed with. They loved it so getting that track together as of this date, Jan. 8,2022. An added bonus was that they love my voice so that will be one I get to sing and can be proud of!

As I look into the new year, I can see that the music business, like the rest of the world, feels very unstable and there are a million reasons to NOT do it. But I believe in my songs and I believe that I will find homes for them. And if nothing else, I love the person I am when I’m going for it!

So I plan on doing the work, getting the results and embracing the journey!