Decided to leave ASCAP and sign onto BMI so now my publishing company is going to be “Shakeh Songs” from here on in.

So I’m back to my original website domain name,, and that feels really good.

After taking Michele Vice Maslin’s class, “From Song To Sync,” I got a huge education on placing my songs so I decided to create a Christmas Catalogue for myself and start there first. I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to place their music in Media. Wish I had known all of this 20 years ago!!!

I have been working really hard and have garnered some placements that make me really happy so check out the “News” section.

Figuring out where I’m going to land business wise is going to be interesting because I’m actually doing a lot of different things and seeing where it goes. This includes placing composers, clearing a hard to research legacy song for “Christmas Slasher,” working to do placements for Hawaiian Music, finding opportunities for my Christmas Catalogue and my other songs. Also, whenever I can, I put people together and so far I’ve solidified actor/agent alliances and put a lot of creatives together in all different aspects of the Movie business. It always feels good to do something for someone else and you never know what will come of a good deed done!

So as we move through Covid and get closer to 2022, I feel that, like so many of us, I am in transition and recreating. Performance wise, still doing some of the retirement homes which is very satisfying and yesterday I was at the VA for the first time since Covid and that was wonderful. I get thememories on Facebook reminding me of my touring days and they were wonderful and I miss that life. But this new one coming up promises to be
even better!

Stay healthy and safe!