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Shakeh Herbekian

About Shakeh

Shakeh began her career as a singer/songwriter then focused her talents into creating a production company writing music and songs for Film & Television.

With a diverse catalogue encompassing many different styles and time periods, we invite you to peruse our catalogue. Be it a “New Standard” in the tradition of The Great American Song Book, Americana, Rock, Pop, Country, a song sung in Spanish with Classical overtones, a Whitney Houston tribute, or a political piece for the “Me Too” movement, to name just a few. We are glad to license from our catalogue or create something to enhance your project be it score or songs.

Praise for Shakeh’s Music

I’ve been a fan of Shakeh’s music for nearly two decades and I’m always delighted to hear her new creations.  Her CDs have a special place in my collection. Her rich tunes span from smooth jazz to rockabilly, all with joyful melodies and soulful lyrics, and I rock out each time I listen to them. I’m honored to feature Shakeh’s song “It’s a New Day” in episode 3 of Rise of Venus, my web series on women’s spirituality.  The melody, lyrics and production value are exquisite, and the song beautifully contributes to the episode’s empowering message. I’ll remain a fan of Shakeh for as long as she makes music, and look forward to her forthcoming works.
Meloney Hudson: Filmaker/Author/Producer/Director

Shakeh has a rare gift in that it takes just one listen or one performance for her songs to take hold and become instant classics and an instant part of her audience’s lives.

Her words, melodies and voice speak to audiences around the world.

I’ve seen it happen and also consider myself to be one of her greatest fans.  I’ve loved everything she’s composed since 1994!

Bennett Zimmerman: Producer Rock Justice Awards and international concert promoter

News & Events

“Fall In Love This Christmas”, “It’s Christmas Time Again”, “Let’s Get Away This Christmas” (co-written with Miguelli) and “Merry Christmas Baby” will all be in the upcoming M&M Film Productions “Christmas At The Holly Day Inn”. Screening December 1, 2022 at The Bafta Club 195 Piccadilly St. Jame’s  London.  Doors open at 6 PM and showtime is 8-10 PM.

“Christmas Time Is Here” will be opening the Ninth House production “Cloudy With A Chance Of Christmas” December 2nd, 2022 on Lifetime at 8 PM WCT.

“Fall In Love This Christmas” opening credits, “It’s Christmas Time Again” closing credits for Chaos, A Film Company Production of “Christmas By The Book” due out 2022. Release date December 16, 2022 on Super Channel and will air numerous times through December 30th. Check channel for showtimes!

“The Key To Love” closing credits for Chaos, A Film Company Production of “Key To Love” due out 2022

Placed 2 outside songs in Chaos, A Film Company Production of “Dream Wedding” due out 2022.

“Merry Christmas Baby” For Nicely Entertainment Production of Snowball Effect” on UPTV, Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 2022 at 7 PM WCT.

“Merry Christmas Baby” for H9 Films will be in Lifetime movie “A Show Stopping Christmas” (US title)/”A Starstruck Christmas”(European title), airing on Lifetime November 20, 2022 8 PM WCT.

“It’s Christmas Time Again”, “I Just Want To Be With You For Christmas” (co-written with Miguelli” and “I Can’t Wait For Christmas” will be in Pierrepont Productions “Gingersnap Christmas”, due out 2022

“Fall In Love This Christmas” will be under the opening and closing credits for “A Very Bayou Christmas” from Dream Team Alliance  due out 2022.

“Fall In Love This Christmas” and “Let’s Get Away This Christmas” (co-written with Miguelli) will all be in “Christmas Slasher”, due out 2023.

“Fall In Love This Christmas” opened the Ninth House Production “Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion” aired on Lifetime November 29, 2021.

“Fall In Love This Christmas” opened the Mar Vista Production “A Furry Little Christmas” aired on UPTV   December 5th, 2021

“Fall In Love This Christmas” and “Let’s Get Away This Christmas” (Cowritten with Miguelli) will both be in the independent Horror film, “Christmas Slasher” coming out in 2022.

“Fall In Love This Christmas” opened up the movie “A Christmas Family Reunion” November 29th, 2021 on Lifetime.

“Fall In Love This Christmas” opened up the movie “A Furry Little Christmas” December 5th, 2021 on UPTV.

“Merry Christmas Baby” will be in “A Starstruck Christmas” airing in 2022 on Lifetime. Date and time TBA

NCIS Hawaii Placement

The song “Paniolo Lifestyle” by Na ‘Oiwi (Native Sons) aired on NCIS Hawaii in the episode titled “Paniolo” on October 22, 2021.

Sweet Navidad Placement of composer Pancho Burgoas Goizueta

Was thrilled to place Pancho on this project for The Ninth House Creative Team as the composer. This film airs November 17, 2022 on Lifetime at 8 PM WCT.

"When Angels Pray" Independent Film Placement

Shakeh’s song “When Angels Pray” will be the featured song and theme for the upcoming film “Becoming Nathanael.” “Love That Can Never Be” (Co-written with Miguelli and sung by Nicki Gonzalez) will also be in the film, which is written and directed by Benjamin Armstrong.

"Staying Home Alone This Christmas" Entertaining the YouTube Crowd

Shakeh’s Christmas video, “Staying Home Alone This Christmas” got more than 10,000 hits on YouTube in 2020 — and continues to spread a lot of laughter and joy.

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